Reviewing Eateries near your South Congress Apartments

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Your favorite community of South Congress apartments is back with another blog, and this week’s post is about some of the best restaurants in the neighborhood.


We’ll get right to the post, but first we have to tell you to please share it with your friends and neighbors at your community of South Congress Austin apartments. Alright, let’s dig in!


Arlo Gray


“This place is awesome, inside a super chic boutique hotel and designed with a great eye of style. Also, the burger is FANTASTIC. One of the best I've had in recent memory. Make sure you get it.”


— Zack N.


Zack is right, folks. Arlo Gray is one of the hottest new restaurants in Austin, and it’s not just because of the food. With views of the river and gorgeous decor, Arlo Gray stands out in a city that’s filled with hotel restaurants. The other thing you should know about Arlo Gray is that it’s run by a Top Chef winner. That alone should convince you to check this place out. It’s on the expensive side, but it’s not as pricey as some other downtown eateries. Just be sure to prepare for tapas-style plates that are light when it comes to portion size but pack plenty of flavor.   




“Mattie's is absolutely gorgeous. It's a large home with tables around the patio as well as in the front yard. There is a large tree and if you're lucky, you'll spot the peacocks roaming the grounds.”


— Courtney O.


This has to be the only restaurant in Texas that has peacocks roaming the grounds. While that is awesome, it’s not the only thing to like about Mattie’s. This is southern dining at it’s finest. There’s nothing better than a big brunch at Mattie’s, complete with chicken and biscuits, honey-roasted ham and all the thick-cut bacon you can handle. Mattie’s is beautifully decorated, but you might not notice while you’re experiencing the delicious food.


Central Standard Bar & Grill


“I cannot even explain how delicious the chicken and biscuits with jalapeño gravy are!! The chicken was cooked to perfection,  extremely juicy with a light flavorful and crunchy crust!”


—Lori C.


The last spot on our list is another restaurant nestled inside a hotel. Not only is it ideal for a date night, but the spacious bar and tempting happy hour menu makes it perfect for post-work drinks any day of the week. We do have talk about the chicken and biscuit dish that Lori mentioned above, because it deserves every single one of the exclamation points that she chose to include in her review. The menu at Central Standard is inventive without being overly weird, and that’s exactly what we like about the vibes on South Congress!


Those are all the restaurant reviews we’ve got for you for this week’s blog! As always, we greatly appreciate those of you who’ve been coming back month after month to read all the latest blog posts from State House on Congress, and we hope you’ll continue to come back to read the posts next month! Above all else, however, we hope that you get the chance to try some of the top-rated restaurants on the list above.


We’ll be back in a couple weeks with another brand new blog! While you wait for that next blog to go live on our website, please be sure to bookmark our blog page so you can enjoy easy access to it when our next post goes live on the website. Until then, you can stay up to date with everything happening at State House by following our apartment community on social media. By doing that, you can ensure that you’ll always be in-the-know regarding upcoming resident events, special promotions and giveaways going on at State House — the South Congress apartments Austin residents choose for luxury living.

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