New Movie Releases Breakdown From South Congress Austin Apartments

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While it’s great to curl up in bed or on the couch there is nothing like catching a show in the movie theatre. Especially if it’s at Alamo Drafthouse! The location on South Lamar is only a few miles from State House on Congress and features a full bar and luxury seating, making it our theater of choice for movies.


There are so many great movies set to premiere in 2019. We pulled together a list of the three we are looking forward to watching the most. Grab a bowl of popcorn and read on to see what’s coming to a theater near you this spring.


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Isn’t It Romantic


Get your gal pals together and head over to catch Rebel Wilson in her newest film, Isn’t It Romantic. The movie follows Wilson’s character, Natalie, who wakes up trapped inside a rom-com after getting knocked out in a subway station. Prior to her incident Natalie was a cynic when it came to love. Now she must overcome every movie cliché in the book in her journey out of a PG-13 Universe and back to reality.  


We’re excited to see Wilson partner up again in Pitch Perfect co-star Adam Devine for the ultimate rom-com experience. The film comes out February 13, making it a great choice for Galentine’s or Valentine’s Day.  


Captain Marvel


Twenty movies in and audiences are ready to finally meet Captain Marvel! The franchises 21st film will share the story behind Carol Danvers and as she gets caught in the middle of an intergalactic war. While there are several other Marvel movies on the calendar for the year we’re most excited to travel back in time to learn more about both the Captain as well as Nick Fury. And while viewers will probably leave with more questions than answers, it will be a great lead in to Avengers: Endgame, which will come out in April.


Mark your calendar for the March 8 premiere. Alamo Drafthouse has had great themed events and menus for previous Marvel movies and we’re sure this one is no different. Great thing it’s so close to South Congress Austin Apartments!




One of Disney’s most iconic films is getting an upgrade. Director Tim Burton has brought a live-action version of Dumbo to life almost 80 years after the original animated film premiered. And while the film features a star-studded cast, the loveable elephant is shown using special effects.


The film follows Colin Farrell’s character who takes care of a droopy-eared circus elephant who is separated from his mother.


Dumbo takes flight March 29 and you’ll definitely want to pack tissues with you before you leave your South Congress Austin Apartments.


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